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Skincare routines keep your skin glowing and healthy and establishing one early on fights the signs of aging. Beauty is personal, and Apothecary focuses on a holistic approach to skincare. Looking for a natural way to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin? Apothecary facial care products will leave your skin feeling refreshed. Hydrate and nourish your skin. For the men out there with a glorious mane of a beard, we carry shaving soaps to keep your face lush.

Moisturize All the Time

Flaky, itchy, dry skin settles in with the wind, cold, and sun exposure. Face moisturizers swoop in to improve your skin's overall appearance and texture. Even if you are already using facial serums, adding a daily moisturizer makes all the difference. Struggling with wrinkles? Rebels Refinery Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles with Canadian raspberry seed oil and green tea to repair damaged skin cells.

Did your old face moisturizers feel oily or greasy when you apply them? Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream by Consonant Skin + Care is rich enough to hydrate your skin without that icky film that other facial care products can leave. Apothecary’s botanical facial serums support healthy skin at every age. Establish a great skincare routine early to keep smooth, youthful skin.

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Get Rid Of Dead Skin

Exfoliate for a fresh start to your day. Moisturizing Salt Soap removes dead skin, leaving your skin looking radiant and healthy. Exfoliating regularly leaves skin with a glow, and clears out pore-clogging oil buildup. Pair our facial soap and face moisturizers to fight back against dulled skin and stimulate circulation!

Facial serums are a cornerstone of a fantastic skincare routine. Vitamin C derivatives brighten skin, boost elasticity, and even skin tone. Vitamin C + Licorice Facial Serums pH level is close to your skin’s, making irritation a thing of the past. Get that gentle glow you’ve always wanted with one of our virtually scentless facial serums.

Energize Your Face

Trying to wash away the ick of the day? Scent-free facial care products are great for sensitive skin. Everyone needs a Daily Face Wash. Not just any old soap will effectively wash away the layers of dirt and sweat from your face. To keep your skin healthy, all the make-up you wore that day must go. By choosing synthetic-free products, you’re making skincare a priority!

If you are looking for a gentle face bar, we recommend checking out our Gentle Jojoba Face Bar. This is the perfect bar for pampering your face, keeping it clean and moisturized!

Smooth and Silky Face

Look, facial care products for men are lacking out there. We get it! Even though they are sorely needed. Here at Apothecary, we know guys need clean skin too. Natural, anti-fungal properties in Rebel’s Refinery Bamboo Face & Body Wipes are cleansing with a soft, smooth cotton feel for any situation. It’s not the only product we know you need. Want your shaving soap in a sleek, black wood bowl? The Barbershop Shaving Soap thickly lathers for a close, smooth shave, and the wood bowl keeps it clean. Apothecary’s exfoliating facial soaps will clean it up daily between shaves.

Apothecary is here to help you stay clear-headed while staying clean. Our simple-to-use skincare line is effective and does what nature intended. Be confident in your skin by establishing good skincare habits early on.


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