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Lips - Apothecary


Pucker up! Are your lips too dry? Has the air sucked every little bit of moisture out of them? Many people find their lips cracking during the winter, but this season, you don’t need to worry about it. Reach for one of Apothecary’s selections of natural lip balms. Each one uses a blend of soothing ingredients, like coconut oil and beeswax, to calm lips naturally. Prevent cracked lips with protective lip balms in any shape you need.

Close up of a man's lips with short stubble around the mouth

Rain or Shine

Feeling adventurous? Out in the woods? We’ve got Lethal Lip Balm for that. It won’t protect you from rabid wildlife, but it will protect you from dried-out, disgusting lips. On most hiking trips, you’re planning to be outdoors for a long time and the sun and wind can definitely take their toll. Smearing saliva around your lips only causes your skin to crack further. Plan ahead and keep a small, convenient tube of lip balm on hand for when you or a loved one can’t stand that dry feeling anymore.

Heart Lip Balm is great any time of the year. Coconut oil doesn’t go out of season, and with the unique, heart-shaped packaging to catch the eye, this tube might not roll underneath your car seat to hide until winter. No shame in loving yourself–or wearing lip balm on purpose in all seasons. It’s a necessity to have a tube or two nearby at all times, so mix it up!

Are hearts not your thing? What about skulls? You heard us. The Skull Lip Balm Luxuria lets you perform a Shakespearean monologue anytime, anywhere, and it’ll bring death to your dry lips. You can do Hamlet or Macbeth without missing a single line. Be careful though. Sometimes this stuff tastes good enough to eat. Just kidding! That would be weird…

Which Lip Balm Should I Choose?

At Apothecary, we don’t really think there’s a wrong answer to that question. Want a protective lip balm shaped like a cactus? Bam! We have that, and it’s all made in Canada. Enjoy soft lips in a prickly container. It’s really cute–don’t just take our word for it. Just don’t stuff it in your back pocket and sit on it.

Maybe your lips need vitamins? You know, the thing none of us get enough of. Maple Blondie nourishes with shea butter and Vitamin A. Did you know the sun can irritate your lips? We all know about sunburns, but your lips aren’t exempt from that. Try Maple Blondie today. And remember: All natural, no chemicals, vegan friendly.

No matter which natural lip balm you choose from Apothecary, every one of them gives you moisturized lips. With the options available in every size and shape, we hope you find something perfect for your needs. Don't forget to check out some of our other products while you're here! We love sharing with everyone! Sort of. Sharing lip balm with others is not the best idea, so don’t take that advice with a used tube.

Apothecary: Natural For You

Apothecary is a Toronto-based brand, but our products are from all over Canada. Not just randomly–we’ve truly taken the time to find the best all-natural products for you. Luxurious products like our natural lip balms. We don't want you to have dry lips or dry skin or dry hair. Let Apothecary be your first stop in the journey toward a healthier and more beautiful self.



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