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Body - Apothecary


Introducing Apothecary’s essential body creams, lotions, and oils! Suffering from dry, flaky skin thanks to the extremes in temperature? Take care of your body. Going from a hot shower and heater out into the dry cold can fry your skin without a protective moisture layer. Moisturizing body creams hydrate your skin with natural ingredients. Replenish your skin in a myriad of sweet-smelling and neutral-scented ways. Body lotions, creams, and oils are for everyone. Apothecary strives to provide some of the best.

Need Smooth Skin On The Go?

Wild Ginger & Sweet Orange Argan Body Oil is there for you in a pinch. This is a beautiful little spray bottle full of hydrating argan oil to smooth water-starved skin. Perhaps Macadamia body cream is more your style? This creamy, rich body cream will nourish your weary feet. The concentration of cold-pressed body oil penetrates dry skin for a silky smooth feel.

Do you feel like all your friends have perfect, smooth legs, and you just haven’t gotten the hang of it? No fear. Apothecary’s body oils and body creams will whip those soft curves into shape. Target those pesky problem areas with natural ingredients, like your heels, knees, and elbows! If your hands look less than radiant, a nourishing Body Lotion is just what you need.

Fight Bad Smells With Long-Lasting Deodorant

Are you a gym bug? Enjoy an early morning workout? A healthy lifestyle demands it, but the lingering smell of sweat can damper anyone’s day. Natural Deodorant is a plant-powered deodorant that combats odors day and night. It can help you fill your life with refreshing vanilla and mint scents. Your days of bad-smelling pits are over, so you don’t have to skip leg day and gather smells there either!

Deodorant doesn't only protect you from the stink, though; it keeps bacteria away, too! Good hygiene leads to good health. This long-lasting deodorant against harmful germs without being harsh on delicate skin.

Holistic Body Care Starts At Home

Let Apothecary’s selection of body creams do the heavy lifting in your daily routine. You deserve to live life to its fullest and enjoy every moment as much as possible, no matter where you go. When it comes down to it, there are so many little things that make a huge difference in your everyday beauty routine. We handpicked each product at Apothecary for pure satisfaction and care from the best Canadian manufacturers.
Apothecary offers essential products for modern men as well. Look and smell gorgeous with The Canadian Power Shower. Essential oils and aloe keep your skin soft, with notes of maple bark to spice up your scent. Pair it with the Beard & Body Activated Charcoal Soap bar for clean skin all over your body! This simple-to-use soap bar keeps your beard and hair free of dirt, grime, and other unpleasant surprises.
Apothecary is here for your natural body care routine. Get the perfect shave and smell fantastic with natural, plant-based products. You'll agree that they're worth their weight in gold. Shop the collection today and let Apothecary be the last step before heading out the door. If you love our body creams as much as we do, share this page with a friend so you can shop together!