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Are you dealing with foot problems? We don’t just mean odor, either. A whole host of issues can occur with cracked, dry feet, and moisturizing your feet regularly is essential in keeping them happy and healthy. Soothing your feet with a foot balm can pack a punch in keeping them soft! Here at Apothecary, our Feet products are part of a growing, curated collection of the best foot care products we believe in–with foot repair balm at the top of our list.

The best way to moisturize your feet is to use a foot repair balm. Foot repair balm is a moisturizing product specifically designed to nourish and repair the skin on your feet. All Cracked Up Foot Balm contains a combination of cocoa butter, shea butter, ground cloves, and peppermint oil to improve the overall appearance of your feet. This incredible formula makes your feet supple and smooth without over-drying or leaving behind an oily residue.

Foot repair balms should be applied after you bathe or shower after you’ve already washed your feet. Working a foot balm in a circular motion into your skin will penetrate and moisturize your feet, and it helps if your pores have already been opened and freshened up. Once complete, you can slip on a pair of comfortable socks and let the foot balm do its job!

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Black and white photo of a male and female couple with a sheet around their feet and legs, a tattoo on the mans left calf muscle.

Smooth Feet

In addition to using our foot repair balm, check out Apothecary’s Bath collection. Washing your feet regularly with soap and water and soaking them in a warm bath with bath salts can help to remove dirt and bacteria. While All Cracked Up Foot Balm helps repair dried-out cracks, going the extra mile to take care of your feet can help you in the long run.

You lead a busy life, so don’t let your feet drag you down. Care for them every night by applying All Cracked Up, and disgusting, dry feet will be a thing of the past. The best part is that it is super easy to use: just massage the balm into your feet every night before bed! With this simple step, you’ll establish a lifelong routine to take care of your feet.

Peppermint oil offers many potential benefits for your skin, and All Cracked Up takes full advantage of its cooling and refreshing effect. Soothe irritation and redness with All Cracked Up Foot Balm, and get rid of icky feet. No one wants dry, cracked, uncomfortable skin. When the weather has gotten harsh, apply a foot balm regularly for soft smoothness.


We’re Apothecary and are located in Downtown Toronto. We love it here and believe in the many benefits of Canadian-made natural products. While we support one-of-a-kind brands, Apothecary also works to stock all-natural personal care and aromatherapy products that are as good for you as they are beautiful to look at.

Keep an eye out for our ever-growing list of all-natural products. As we expand our line, expect our assortment of skin care products to grow. We at Apothecary believe you deserve clean, all-natural products to support your skincare routine without worrying about additive ingredients. Every item we stock is curated with care and attention, and our items are manufactured by hand in small batches to guarantee high-quality products.