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Now's the time to change where, when and how skin is cared for. Time to pair real products with real life. Time to free your skin+care from skin care as you know it.

Consonant makes skincare easy with a simple three-step practice.

Step 1 - Cleanse
Step 1 - Cleanse

This step clears the way for healthy skin + so other products work their best.

step 1 products
Step 2 - Treat
Step 2 - Treat

This step targets your daily skin needs and gives them a boost.

step 2 products
Step 3 - Protect
Step 3 - Protect

This final step protects and supports your skin even in the face of real life.

step 3 products
Consonant Skin + Care - Apothecary

Consonant Skin + Care

Consonant's Manifesto

Free Your Skin Care

Free it from: quick fixes. False promises. Failed expectations.
From regimens that feel too regimented.
From perfect people with perfect, stress-free faces.
Your skin deserves honesty.
And honestly, skin care is free to be so much more.
It's body and mind. It's moisturizer and meditation.
It's as much serum as it is sex.
Food. Sleep. Work. 
Everything is connected to your skin.
Now's the time to change when, where and how skin is cared for.
Time to pair real products with real life.
Time to free your skin care...from skin care as you know it.


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